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I’ve written on and off for most of my life. Sometimes poetry, usually rants or things I’ve become aware of, often (not entirely consciously,) for my own healing and validation for parts of my Soul and their experiences. Though I often write fairly intense poems I tend to automatically include humour too…guess that’s how I see life. Below is a list of my poems…vaguely (very vaguely!) in descending order of creation date. I tend to just let a poem come through as it does and I very seldom work on them…a little like my writing in general they are usually just splurts of consciousness! Be forewarned I do swear at times…mainly because at times I really do need to emphasise things and I can’t speak bold, capitals or itallic! 😉

Good luck 🙂

I remember a time

The time is NOW!

Fuck the phone!

Illuminati Crew

It’s an ugly word

Blame, shame

Tree time


We refuse the games

Gran Canaria


Return to the light

Stay silent

A journey

Xmas rant to jingle bells


To the hunter



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