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yep….you guessed it….UNDER CONSTRUCTION too!  Sorry…haven’t worked out how to get rid of that bloody big featured image above…something to do with a youtube plug in…..oh the JOYS of web design!!! [manic look]….sigh….breathe deep….carry on…..

In the meantime here are a few links to things I uploaded on youtube!

‘Illuminati Crew’ – this was written to try and raise awareness about a few of the things going on on this beautiful planet of ours in the hope it encourages people to take their power back and think about what they choose to align with.  Not sure how long it will stay up on youtube as it is written to the tune of a famous Disney track!


‘Adopt a Goth’ A kind of public service announcement! I wrote this song in the hope of making people notice and question if someone close to them changes the way they look or starts to behave differently. I spent MANY years very badly dissociated after a deeply traumatic experience. I didn’t understand at the time that the way I had chosen to dress was showing where I was at inside. I, and everyone else around me, just thought that it was my style. In putting this out there I hope that other people who have been through a harsh life experience may have someone realise sooner than I did that they need some help and kindness – it took about 17 years for someone to see through my defense.

No offense or any kind of judgement was intended. Quite the reverse. If this triggers anything for you then please speak to someone you can trust. With love – Katy


‘Xmas Rant to Jingle Bells’ – this one kind of speaks for itself I guess.  The crazy consumerism that surrounds Christmas drives me a little nuts…this was my answer to it..quite a while ago now!


‘The Daddy Song’ – this was a song I wrote for my dad in a folk-style as he was into folk music.  I recorded this on what would have been his 75th birthday if he’d got that far…



I had posted one of my other songs here but am moving it to the healing page instead as it is quite honest and might be a bit much for some.

More to come…

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