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Our main site offering our support on your healing journey can be found at healingintegrity.awakening.earth on that site I will gather a lot more of the general healing articles. This page will be more about what I have learnt from my own journey.

As you may have realised from my welcome page, I strongly believe that we are all in this life thing together. We are all deeply connected energetically, to each other and to the whole of existence. Whatever happens to any one of us shakes the whole web of reality. As such I believe we all matter. Everyone. Our experiences and our general energy state. The more we can heal and raise our vibration, the more it will help the whole web of life. I believe that any personal step forward that someone makes in their life and healing journey helps others to make that step forward too….we all help pave the path towards wholeness.

What I share on this site is my contribution to this. I hope that by sharing, in honesty, some of my own blocks, experiences, difficulties etc. that it helps others accept their feelings and their experiences. I hope to give a sense that it IS OK to be human, it is OK to feel all that we feel. I also hope that the things I share will help people find the truth of themselves again, and help them question the things that affect them and untangle themselves from what is NOT them or their truth.

I will gather a few of my articles/blog posts on this page shortly, but in the meantime please feel free to check out my blogand search the tags for ‘healing’, ‘trauma’ etc.

Never underestimate your self or your journey. You matter much more than you realise 🙂

Why Heal?

A healing song

Poems I wrote as part of my own healing process:


It’s an ugly word

Stay silent

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