Don’t know where I’m going,
Don’t know where I’ve been,
Can’t remember what I’ve learnt,
or recall what I’ve seen;
Drifting through time,
no feet on the ground,
searching for something
-though nothing was found.
Got the imagination
-but no concentration,
Have inspiration
-no motivation.
Live in my world
ideal, full of dreams;
meanings are hidden,
not as it seems.
Locked away from society,
reality far away;
-I know that it’s there
to encounter one day.
Don’t want to face it,
it hurts, what I see.
All the pain and the killing
-why can’t things just ‘be’?
Countries ruled by maniacs,
Power-hungry robots
Principles mean nothing
Slaughter never stops.
No conscience, no empathy,
no help and no care
Money means everything
-money’s unfair.
It pulls the strings
it makes the rules,
the government follows,
robotic, blind, fools.
The pain goes unchallenged,
the suffering unseen,
no-one cares about the killing
in the money/power machine.
I see all these things
that I can not accept
I stay apart from it all
that life I reject.
You have no worth,
in your own eyes at all,
if you just sit and watch
all those slaughtered fall,
when you are a person
who can feel what they feel,
from the pain and the torment,
to the other man’s hell.
That is why I’m a dreamer,
-it’s self-preservation
I’ve seen enough death,
hate and starvation.
I’ll live in an ideal world,
inside my mind
and not associate again
with the hate of mankind


[date approx. i was about 17]


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