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Thank you for taking some time out to look at my little bit of the ‘net’. I hope you will find something of use/interest/ amusement here…and, ideally, a pair of metaphorical scissors to help cut yourself free of the net too… should you wish to do so! I will be gathering together quite a wide variety of stuff on here…so if the first article or post you read sets off your ‘nutter’ alarms maybe try a couple of other bits before you write me off and go back to your cat pics or latest scientific journal 🙂

It’s a pretty crazy world at the moment isn’t it? We are living in ‘interesting times’ and (aside from being a platform for my poetry, art and healing work) I have set up this site to try and bring my little pieces of the ‘awareness jigsaw’ to the whole.

I deeply believe that our way to move into a beautiful, new, peaceful and healthy way of being on this amazingly gorgeous planet of ours is through us realising that we are all in this thing together. Then, from this realisation, to move more into respect and understanding for each other (and every other living being on this planet) and out of this blame/shame/hate place we have been encouraged to inhabit. Nothing heals and grows and blossoms through abuse. We can’t really shame or blame people into a healthy state. Our realisations and changes must come from within, and they are easier to find if people are compassionate or have empathy for us than through a beating or a facebook shaming!

So….my intentions for this space are:

– that it will fearlessly touch on difficult subjects in a bid to bring healing and awareness to them,

– that it will bring amusement and love and honesty in a world that can seem a bit lacking in them at times!

– that it will bring healing and a sense of our shared humanity

– that it will bring an end to manipulation and control agendas on this planet!

– that it will help or inspire others to fearlessly speak their truth

– that it will bring welcome relief from playing Candy Crush Saga or watching another soap on TV ;)… even if only for 5 mins before the withdrawal shakes kick in

….that being said…please enjoy!

(…or better still put down the phone and step out into nature and have another wave of remembering your true self again 🙂 If you go for this option then please say Hi to Mother Earth for me and apologise that I’m spending my time stuck in front of this machine frying what remains of my brain cells instead of sitting under one of her trees with an open heart and a smile on my face!)

For ease you can click here for some of the weird shit, here for the poetry, here for some of the painfully honest raw stuff, and here for the less challenging stuff 😉

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